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Mechatronics for Industry 4.0 | SAGE Summer School

Mechatronics for Industry 4.0

Mechatronics for Industry 4.0

This course is desined to develop the understanding of Mechatronics as a need of Industry 4.0. Students will learn new solutions to industrial problems using mechanical and electronic processes and computer technology and also they build and test factory production lines introducing automation to improve existing processes. After attending this course, students will able to understand robotics, control systems, and electro-mechanical systems.

Syllabus of the course "Mechatronics for Industry 4.0" is:

Introduction Industry 4.0 SystemsAnalogy with the human body and different Sensors, Directional control valves. The PLC is the brain of the mechatronic system. Actuators and the Advanced PLC Training System & utilization. Production line, Process control, Human-machine interfaces and Networking. PLC operation, Terminology and Processing of inputs and outputs. Base tag, alias tag, Data types ,Number systems , Programming languages, Ladder logic and Where is the PLC program located?

What is the Non-volatile memory, RSLinx Classic, Structure of this PLC program and Opening an existing project. Downloading the project (to the PLC) , Analysing the ladder rungs  and End of the procedure. Latch and unlatch output instructions , Output Latch instruction . Set up and connections, Real application option, Simulated application option, Checking the I/O configuration , Inserting the logic and Timer On Delay instruction (Ladder).

Counter instruction (Ladder), Reset instruction (Ladder), Move instruction, Comparison instructions, Math instructions, Set up and connections and Ladder programming activity (no pedestrian). Human-machine interfaces, Touch screens, Filling, Visibility, Blink and Security. 

Restoring the HMI application, Displays, Creating the runtime file, Everything running together, Loading the HMI application, Recipe manager and Intouch exploration. Batch processes , The water level application, Float and capacitive switches, Analog level sensor (optional) , Analog devices and values and  featuring a level sensor and a pump drive. 



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