Robotics for Beginners

Robotics for Beginners

Robotics for Beginners

The synergic interaction between Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Sciences, Electronics Engineering, characterized by the synonym Mechatronics, is a relatively new approach in modern engineering. Mechatronics is the most obvious in the field of robotics. The demands for mechatronic systems are considered in many key industrial areas. Therefore, this Module gives a brief survey of mechatronic approaches in the research and development of high technology processes and their application in various fields of industry. The approaches presented have been developed in the context of the introduction of advanced robotics and information technology into modern production automation.


  • Introduction to Robotics to X
  • What is Robotics & Importance of Robotics ,Types and Classification of Robots,The Science of Robots
  • Real life use cases of robotics & Important parts of robots & robotic systems ,The Technology of Robots
  • Basics of Robotics parts 2x & Discussion about Sensors, Actuators ,Manipulators, Microprocessors.     
  • Basics of Robotics parts 2x & Discussion & Hands on Drivers,Software system and power supplies.     
  • Designing a Robot or robotic System 2x Understanding the needs sketching out the work flow ,Robot Design features, understanding practical possibilities
  • Discussion & Hands on designing architecture & system of Robots,Designing the components and power supply of Robots
  • Introduction to Robot Stimulation 2x- Basics of simulation tools & using stimulation platform and by using stimulation platform build simple robots.
  • Hands on RoS 2→ Installation & system setup, Practical Stimulation & Installation to build robot with RoS & Gazebo 2x
  • Kinematics of Serial Robots- Indroduction ,Direct Kinematics of Serial Robots , Inverse Kinematics of Serial Robots ,Mathematical Preliminaries, Homogeneous Transformation,
  • Kinematics of Parallel Robots -Introduction ,Loop Closure ,Constraint,Situations& Direct Kinematics of Parallel manipulators,Examples of D-H Parameters and Link Transformation Matrices.
  • Mechatronics - Introduction ,Measurement System ,Control System & Data Presentation System.Traditional Mechatronics Design Techniques for a Product

Coordinator Name : Prof. Harsha Atre

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Mobile No. :  +91-9926447936

Trainer Details

Product Design Head Coca-Cola in Production & Design in Coca-Cola

Trainer Details

Director Pragya Technology,Pune (Formerly Associated with BARC) in Mechatronics in Pragya Technology, Pune


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