Advance App Development with Android

Advance App Development with Android

Advance App Development with Android

a. To make aware students about basics of android app development.
b. To make them learn for android app development


  • History, Versions, Architecture of Android Operating system. Software development kit (SDK), API, Emulator, HelloWorld Program.
  • Application Folders, Activity, XML, Basic Controls (TextView, EditText, Button) , basic application with TextView, EditText, Button.
  • Uses of OnClickListener, Toast, Logcat, Activity Life Cycle. Implementation of RadioButton, CheckBox, ToggleButton.
  • Linear Layout - Background, Margin, Padding, Gravity, TextColor, Hint, Weight; Relative Layout - layout toLeftOf, toRightOf, below, above.
  • Working with multiple Activities,
  • Introduction of Intent, uses of Intent, Jump on another activity, Send data to another activity. Types of Intent, uses of ActivityForResult method, show message by Toast.
  • Know about ListView, Create Listview, show data with Listview, Perform onClick operation on Listview. Custom listview, Create Listview with image, Develop an App which show Items with image in Listview.
  • Create an ImageButton, implement imageView, Apply Image as a Background of Activity, perform task to Select an image from outside the app.
  • Introduction of Menu,Types of Menu – Option menu and Context menu. Working with Option menu and Context menu.
  • Introduction of Dialog, Implementation of AlertDialog, DatePickerDialog, TimePickerDialog, DatePicker, TimePicker.
  • Introduction to Fragment, uses of Fragment, implementation of Fragment, working with Fragment.
  • Introduction to Android file system. Working with Internal and External memory of Android device, Store and retrieve data from internal memory.
  • Sqlite Introduction, knowing features of Sqlite – SqliteOpenHelper class, OnCreate method, OnUpgrade method, create database with the help of sqlite, create table, insert, delete update data on database.Perform all crud operation on database.
  • Introduction of Android Animation. Implementation of animation, rotate, changing of size and shape.


Coordinator Name : Prof. O.P. Karada

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Mobile No. :  +91-88786 81086

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Programmer CSE department, SIRT, SAGE University, Indore


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