Short Term Course on VLSI Design & Image Processing 21 (STCVDIP-21)

Short Term Course on VLSI Design & Image Processing 21 (STCVDIP-21)

Short Term Course on VLSI Design & Image Processing 21 (STCVDIP-21)

Very large scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining millions of MOS transistors onto a single chip. This training program will grow the interest of candidates in VLSI technology and will enhance their technical skills for long term professional growth.




1. VLSI – an introduction

  •  History of IC design.
  •  Basics of VLSI design.
  • Digital circuit design using CMOS.

2. Designing with Schematic

  •  Digital circuit design using Schematic.
  • Testing digital circuits on software and hardware.
  • Implementing circuits on programmable chips.

3. Designing with HDL (hardware description language)

  •  Introduction to VHDL.
  • Structural modeling.
  • Dataflow modeling.
  • Behavioralmodeling.

4. Simulation and synthesis issues

  •  Fundamental of simulation and synthesis.
  • Simulation process and types of simulation and simulator.
  • Synthesis design flow.
  • Synthesis tools features.
  • Programming of digital circuits using Xilinx ISE software.



Coordinator Name : Dr Uday Panwar

eMail :

Mobile No. :+91  9826752267

Resource Person's/Trainer's(1) Name : Dr Uday Panwar

Resource/trainer: Dr udayPanwar has dne his PhD from NIT and has wide experience of conducting short term courses.




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