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Block Chain Principles and Practices | SAGE Summer School

Block Chain Principles and Practices

Block Chain Principles and Practices

Blockchains are probably one of the most highly talked about technologies at the moment as they provide a way to attain digital trust on the Internet. There is so much emphasis on technology that companies are very keen to learn about Blockchains and adopt them. 
In this course, Blockchain - Principles and Practices, you will explore the fundamental data structures and algorithms used to build a typical Blockchain and build up a working example over the course.

Blockchain Fundamentals_ 

Blockchain Concept.
Introduction to Ethereum and DAPPS.
Setting up a development Environments.
Understanding Smart Contract.
Sample Application FoodSafe.

Module _2
State of Blockchain _
Trust in the Digital Era.
Exploring Bitcoin.
Defining Blockchain. 
What should you Store on Blockchain.
Do you Actually need a Blockchain.

Developing Application on Ethereum Blockchain_ 
Ethereum Protocol.
Getting Started With Smart Contracts.
Solidity Programming Language. 
Ethereum API.
Truffle Framework. 
Developing Advanced Smart Contracts. 
Web Application With Ethereum.

Deploying Ethereum with AWS Blockchain Templates_
Introducing Ethereum.
Using Aws Blockchain Templates For Ethereum.
Deploying a simple smart Contracts App to the networks.

Building Blockchain With Hyper ledger_
Introduction to Hyper ledger.
Building a hyper ledger Fabric network. 
Working with hyper ledger Iroha.
Working With Hyper ledger Saw tooth.
Deploying Blockchain Using hyper ledger cello.

Deploying Hyperledger fabric with AWS Blockchain Templates_ 
Introducing Hyperledger Fabric.
Using AWS Blockchain Templates for Hyperledger Fabric.
Building an Application for the Hyperledger Fabric network.

Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise_

Introducing Blockchain Improving Supply chain Food Safety. 
Surveying Enterprise Blockchain Use cases.
Surveying Enterprise Blockchain Tools.

Blockchain Principal & Practice_
Understanding Cryptographic principals used with Blockchain.
Storing Transaction in Blocks. 
Applying Proof of Work.
Maintaining Consensus.

Building an Enterprise Private Blockchain in Salesforce_
Understanding Blockchain and its role in the Enterprise.
Exploring Private Blockchain Application on Salesforce.
Building the Blockchain. 
Anticipating the Future.

Introduction to Bitcoin  & Decentralized Technology_
Big Ideas and Basic Use Demos 
How Bitcoin works under the hood 
Advanced & Upcoming Bitcoin 
Decentralized Application beyond Bitcoin

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