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Applications of IoT | SAGE Summer School

Applications of IoT

Applications of IoT

This course is designed to enable the audience to be familiar with the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and also, train them to work on real-time applications of IoT using hands-on training.

• Introduction of IoT

• Requirements for IoT based modules

• Peripherals support details

• Installing required drivers and software

• Hardware and Software compatibility

• Node MCU

• Pin details of Node MCU(Wi fi Module)

• Raspberry Pi

• Arduino IDE (Coding and compiling the code)

• Burning code into hardware

• Using inbuilt WiFi to connect the devices to internet

• I/O Programming(LEDs, Buzzer,AC Appliances)

• Sensors interfacing

• Peripherals control using the Internet

• Operating the peripherals using APP

• Project designing 

• IoT Based Smart Notice board

• Smart bin

• IoT Based parking information

• Smart refrigerator

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