Advances in Automobile

Advances in Automobile

Advances in Automobile

The automobile industry in India is one of the largest and globally fastest growing. Rapid industrialization of the country has resulted in an unprecedented advancement in the technological processes and improvement in the efficiency of the structures, machines and transport vehicles under the various operating conditions.
To cope with the advances in the automobile engineering field, the engineers and technicians engaged in the field must understand the various constructional and working details. An attempt to include in this lecture series all such aspects to fulfill a long felt need of students, teachers and professional in the field.


  • Technical details of commercial vehicles, General classification of vehicle
  • Types of chassis, layout, Types of frames, components of chassis, Vehicle body and their construction
  • Location of engine, front wheel and rear wheel drive, four wheel drive
  • Safety aspects of vehicles
  • Vehicle aerodynamics, Streamlining of a car body
  • Steering System, Front axle beam, stub axle, front wheel assembly
  • Steering gear, power steering, slip angle
  • Function and types of clutches, single plate, multi-plate clutch
  • Roller & spring clutch
  • Types of gear Boxes
  • Propeller shaft, constant velocity universal joints
  • Suspension system, Basic suspension movements
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic  power brake systems
  • Importance of maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance


Coordinator Name : Dr. Santosh Sanodia

eMail :

Mobile No. :+91  98935 61977

Resource Person's/Trainer's(1) Name : Prof. Mohan Singh

M.Tech (MANIT, Bhopal) Industrial and Academic Experience (40 Year).


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