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Website Development using HTML and CSS | SAGE Summer School

Website Development using HTML and CSS

Website Development using HTML and CSS

You can launch a new career in web development today by learning HTML & CSS. You don't need a computer science degree or expensive software. All you need is a computer, a bit of time, a lot of determination. And after this course you will be able to design a website like a professional.

Course Introduction & Installation of Tools Needed to Run PHP,Hands On,HEADING and PARAGRAPH Tags in HTML,IMAGE tag and its attributes in HTML,Unorder List and Ordered List in HTML - Basic HTML,Handson,TABLE Tag in HTML Part 1,Html Tags for Text Formatting,Anchor Tag in HTML,FORM Tag for Creating Web Forms- Radio Button, Select Tag and  Other input tags.Introduction,Benefits or Purpose of writing CSS,Simple Selectors in CSS - id, class and name of tag,Different Ways of Writing CSS in a Web Page,Colors in CSS - on Text, Background and Border, Width and Height, and Backgrounds Related Properties in CS,Text Related Properties in CSS,Anchor Tag, Margin, Fonts and Padding  Related Properties in CSS,CSS Properties for Tables and Lists  (For UL and OL Tags,Display and Visibility Properties in CSS,Creating a Simple Web Page Layout using DIV and CSS,Web Page Layout Using CSS and DIV Part 2,OVERFLOW Property in CSS,Creating a NAVBAR using CSS and UL, LI,Hands On Writing First Statement in PHP, Variables, Datatypes, Constants in PHPUser Defined Functions in PHP,Simple Calculator using GET and POST Superglobals Part1Hands On, Assignment Operators. Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical       Operators, Logical Opera   tors - Example - PHP, Increment and Decrement Operators, Ternary Operator, String Operators in PHP,Nested For Loop and fetching Array values using For Loop, FOR Loop, Arrays - Indexed Arrays in PHP, Strings in PHP,WHERE CLAUSE in MySQL with Example Queries,Demo Project , Application and Integration of Front end PHP and MySQl,Demo Project , Application and Integration of Front end PHP and MySQL,Demo Project , Application and Integration of Front end PHP and MySQL


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