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Organic Production and Certification | SAGE Summer School

Organic Production and Certification

Organic production is a process in which use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, genetically modified organisms and livestock food additives are avoided. With the industrialization of agriculture, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides increased in Indian agriculture which although increased the production but at the same time it has created the health hazards to human. More than 5000 tons of pesticides are used in india per years. On the basis of ramdom samples tested in India about 20 % products are being detected with pesticide residues. More than 2 % products are being detected the pesticide residues more than MRL prescrides by FSSAI. The consumption of contaminated foods create health hazards range from mild allergies, rashes, breathing difficulties, neurotoxicity and reproductive abnormalities to deadly chronic diseases like cancer. Organic production, therefore, is attaining more attention now a days. 

India exports 888 thousand metric ton of organic products. Exporte potential of these products are very goof. Organic products are on high demand in India because of increasing health consciousness in consumers. Certified organic product can fetch better price in Indian market whereas certification is compulsory for export. 

Hence, the course 'Organic Production and Certification' will be benefitial in understanding its importance, process of production and its certification. This course will also impart the confidence in benefitiary to be a part of organic business and to earn good income.  


Introduction and need of organic production.,Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.Importance of organic production. Organic products in Indian economy.Nutrient management in organic production.Pest management in organic production.Standards of organic production NPOP and APEDA Organic certification process and agencies. Summary and conclusion. 

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