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Handling of Experimental Animal in Laboratory | SAGE Summer School

Handling of Experimental Animal in Laboratory

  • Organisational structure and functioning of an animal laboratory.
  • Applicable rules and instructions of  the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) and the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of
  • Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA).
  • Different types of the laboratory animals, Classification.
  • Importance of communicating with the laboratory animals.
  • Normal and abnormal behaviour of the laboratory animals.

Methods of safe handling of specific laboratory animals.

  • Habitat requirement of different types of laboratory animals.
  • Methods of maintaining desired hygiene and sanitation (sterilization, fumigation etc.) standards in the animal house.
  • Equipment and chemicals needed for the sterilisation and fumigation.

            Personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used during the sterilisation and fumigation process.

Layout of an animal laboratory,Prepare the checklist  for inspection of the animal lab in line with the AEC and CPCSEA rules,Preparation of beds Interaction with the animals in a non- threatening manner,Methods  of handling  of laboratory animals safely,Preparation of sample diet plan for a specific type of laboratory animal,Labeling of sample cage used in the animal facility,Prepare a checklist for monitoring animals,Preparing a sample bed for a particular laboratory animal,Preparing a sample cleaning  and sterilisation schedule of animal cages and animal house,Cleaning of the animal house and the animal cages,Preparation of the solution mixture for cleaning  and fumigation tasks,Method of fumigation of the animal house and the animal cages,Use of the PPE

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