Concrete Technology & its Advancements

Concrete Technology & its Advancements

Concrete Technology & its Advancements

This course broadly encompasses the mix design, production & properties concrete with quality check.


  • Ingredients, properties, grades, advantages, disadvantages of concrete
  • Properties & quality of ingredients of concrete
  • Various tests of freshconcrete,Workability (Slumpcone,Veebeeconsistometer, Compactingfactor)
  • Various tests of Hardened concrete, Non Distructive Testing(NDT)
  • Properties & application of admixture used in concrete
  • Concrete mix design by various methods
  • Computer aided design of concrete mix, RMC plant
  • Various steps of production of concrete
  • Special concrete & its applications
  • Repair & maintenance techniques in concrete


Coordinator Name : Prof. Atul Bhatore

eMail :

Mobile No. :+91  7000704335

Resource Person's/Trainer's(1) Name : Dr. Basant Kumar

Dr. Basant Kumar has 20 Years of Industrial experience and 7years of core Academics experience. He worked in various capacities and have major exposure in Infrastructure works especially Highways & Bridges.

Resource Person's/Trainer's(2) Name : Prof. Shreyans Kumar Jain

Post Graduate in Structural Engineering with of 23 Years of Industrial experience & 8 years in Academics. He worked with various consultancy & Construction companies with major experience in Power Sector.


Resource Person's/Trainer's(3) Name : Prof. Atul Bhatore

Research Scholar in Transportation Engineering with of 11 years in Academics. He has a vast experience in Research in concrete with core area of interest in the field of Pavement Design & maintenance.


Resource Person's/Trainer's(4) Name : Prof. Prachi Gour

Research Scholar in Structural Engineering with of 7 years in Academics. She has core area of research in Concrete Technology especially SFRC and published good number of papers in reputed & recognized journals.

Resource Person's/Trainer's(5) Name : Prof. Sanket Jain

Research Scholar in Structural Engineering with of 6 years in Academics. He has in depth knowledge of various modern sowtwares used in Structural Analysis & Design with Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures as core area of interest.


Resource Person's/Trainer's(6) Name : Prof. Madhumita Chakraborty

Post Graduate in Environmental Engineering with of 6 years in Academics. She has indepth Researdh Experience in Environmental Engineering & Waste Management as core area of interest.


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