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Application of N.D.D.S in cosmeceuticals | SAGE Summer School

Application of N.D.D.S in cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals represent one of the fastest growing segments of personal care products. Advances in the field of skin biology and pharmacology have facilitated the development of novel active compounds. The increase in the number of active ingredients delivered topically through the skin has led to a heightened importance of understanding the delivery of those active ingredients via a various novel approaches so that we can achieve  high delivery capacity of active excepients, formulation stability, and minimal side effects. Novel systems such as vesicular lipid-based systems, and lipid particulate carrier systems like liposomes, ethosomes, nanoparticles improves the permeation and act as penetration enhancers. Novel cosmetic delivery systems possess the potential to develop as the ‘new generation smarter carrier systems’  in coming era and they are liable to enhance the safety, stability, extended efficacy and the aesthetic appeal of the final product.

In the present course we will discuss the formulation processes of various novel drug delivery systems such as liposomes, ethosomes, nanoparticles and further these formulations are incorporated in suitable topical drug delivery systems such as creams and gels to be applied as cosmeceuticals purpose. The prepared formulations will evaluate for following parameter such as particle size, partition coefficient, in vitro permeation studies, in vitro drug release studies and  stability studies.

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