Electrical And Electronics Components Identification And PCB Designing

Electrical And Electronics Components Identification And PCB Designing

Electrical And Electronics Components Identification And PCB Designing

This is a basic course for Electrical & Electronics components identification and PCB designing. In this course student will learn testing/checking of various components and also PCB designing through various software. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designing is an integral part of each electronics products and this program is designed to make students capable to design their own projects PCB and Project up to industrial grade.


  • Introduction about various Electrical & Electronics components
  • Testing/Checking of various electronics components identification
  • Video demonstration - Resistor, Inductor, Capacitor, ICs, Diodes,  Relays, Switches, Transistors Etc.
  • Demonstration of Multimeter for testing components
  • Introduction to PCB designing concepts
  • Types of PCB and their characteristics
  • PCB Fabrication Techniques
  • Fritzging - PCB Designing Software and microcontroller programming Software
  • Demonstration of 'how to do etching process'
  • Demonstration of PCB layout on glossy paper
  • Soldering methods of electronics Component into PCB
  • Designing of 555 Timer based project
  • Basics of Arduino
  • Designing of Microcontroller based Automatic Hand Sanitizer dispensing machine


Coordinator Name : Prof. Amit Kumar Yadav

eMail : amit.kumar.yadav@sirtbhopal.ac.in

Mobile No. :+91  9406947552

Resource Person's/Trainer's(1) Name : Prof.Akhtar Kalam

Professor Akhtar Kalam has been at Victoria University (VU),Melbourne since 1985 and a former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science and Head of Engineering of the College of Engineering and Science. He is currently the Head of External Engagement at the College of Engineering and Science, VU. He is also the current Chair of the Academic Board in the Engineering Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia. Again, he is the Editor in Chief of Australian Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Further, he has Distinguished Professorship position at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; MRS Punjab Technical University Bhatinda, India; Crescent University Chennai, India; VIT Vellore, India and 5 Malaysian universities. Again, he is currently the Editor in Chief of the Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


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