Data Analysis and Visualization Using MATLAB and Origin

Data Analysis and Visualization Using MATLAB and Origin

Data Analysis and Visualization Using MATLAB and Origin

The basic objective of the course is providing elementary knowledge about analysis and visualization of data using MATLAB and Origin software to the early researchers and professionals. MATLAB and Origin found their use in various areas of science and technology like digital signal processing, Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy logic, Biomedical engineering, Statistical analysis of data and advanced scientific computing in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. After successful completion of this course candidate will become familiar with general concepts of data handling and visualization of data, and obtain a solid foundation in the use MATLAB in their research work.


  • Getting Started with the MATLAB Environment
  •  Basic Mathematical operations
  • Handling of various data formats, Scientific and Engineering Graphics using MATLAB,
  • Working with graphics: 2D Plots, 3D Plots, Contour Plots, etc
  • ToolBoxes in MATLAB: Signal Processing and Statistical toolbox
  • Advanced data analysis toolboxes, Wavelet toolbox (Wavelet based advanced Non-linear techniques)
  • Introduction to GUI development, Basic command,
  • Design your own GUI


  • Overview of Origin software
  • Importing and Plotting of graph using single data set
  • Importing and Plotting of graph using multiple data set
  • Merging of graphs and distinguishing them
  •  Fitting of graph using in-built functions
  • Exporting of graph for presentation and Hands on training


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