Food Forensics and Toxicology

Food Forensics and Toxicology

This program is an approach of giving knowledge in about 20 lectures of food forensics and toxicology. In the modern times, forensic science, is used in almost every crime, in food also forensic science make use of scientific principles to investigate foul play are in foods and foodstuffs.. As well as amalgamation of toxicology with Food forensics will give an overall knowledge about the topic.



  1. Food poisoning , Sign and symptoms, collection and preservation of evidence material,
  2. Extraction and isolation, from food material, biological material, detection and identification by colour test and Instrumental techniques.
  3. Food Contamination, analysis of contaminant, Food Adulteration use of preservatives for food storage,
  4. Food safety principles,  National Food Security Act 2013..
  5.  Properties and types of Alcohols, Pharmacology, Toxic properties and effects of alcohol.
  6.  Chemical tests for alcohol , Breath Alcohol Screening devices, analysis of some alcoholic beverages,  instrumental methods, Legal context to drinking and driving.
  7. Selection of Post-mortem samples and reference to particular class of poison,
  8.  Classes of samples (Biological and Non-biological),
  9. Methods of sample collection (Living and Dead person),
  10. Classification of matrices, choice of preservatives, containers and storage conditions.


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