Get Proficient in JAVA

Get Proficient in JAVA

Gain knowledge about basic Java & Advance Java language syntax and semantics to write programs and use concepts such as variables, conditional and iterative execution methods etc.


  • Week 1:

  • Fundamentals,Data Structure and Algorithms,Object-Oriented Concepts, Multithreading, concurrency, and thread basics
  • Java Collections Framework, Date type conversion and fundamentals, Array, Garbage Collection, String
  • SOLID design principles, GOF Design Patterns, Abstract class and interface
  • Java basics, e.g., equal and hash code
  • Generics and Enum , Java IO and NIO
  • Week 2:

  • Data structure and algorithm in Java, Common Networking protocols
  • String Manipulation, OOPs Principles,
  • Exception Handling, Multi-Threading, Java 8 Features
  • Advance Java :  Servlet ,
  • Life cycle of JSP,
  • JSP API,
  • JSP in Eclipse and other IDE’s

Trainer Details

Experience 10 Years , Senior consultant of IBM

Trainer Details

10 years experienced IT Instructor of NCA Academy Indore.


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