Use of Animation & VFX in journalism

Use of Animation & VFX in journalism

Use of Animation & VFX in journalism

To make people aware of the need, purpose and scope of VFX and Animation. So, People will able to apply VFX & Animation at various places of Media/ Journalism.


  • Concept and theory of VFX and Animation
  • Principles of design , Basic elements of graphic and design
  • Art of Printing: Evolution, Types, & Technical Revolution
  • Physical form, aesthetics and function, fonts
  • Printing methods - Letter press, Gravure, Offset, & Screen printing,  Printing paper –Types & size
  • Magazine layout, pagination, designing various part
  • Layout of broadsheet and tabloid
  • Computer Composing & Design
  • Multi media: Characteristics and function and Digital and Colored
  • Designing a layout of leaflet, bookmark & letter head
  • Design a poster on development issue
  • Designing of cover page of a magazine
  • Designing a front page of news paper
  • Design a wall magazine


Coordinator Name : Mr. Shiv Mohan Sharma

eMail :

Mobile No. :+91  70451590049074812153

Resource Person's/Trainer's(1) Name : Mr. Ajay M. Lalawat

Working as a Animator, IJMC, SAGE University, Indore (MP). He have almost 7 years of Experience of Editing/ VFX/Animation.


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