A Refresher Course on HVAC & Refrigeration

A Refresher Course on HVAC & Refrigeration

HVAC& R is used for comfort condition of human being, food storage and many industrial applications. The HVAC & R industry is a worldwide enterprise, with roles including operation and maintenance, system design and construction, equipment manufacturing and sales, and in education and research. This program in HVAC & R is suitable for fresh engineers, diploma holders and working professionals in the HVAC & R industry.


  • 1.Basic refrigeration cycle & concepts of refrigeration, performance and rating of refrigerating machines.

    2.Methods of air refrigeration systems & comparison of various air-cooling systems used for aircraft.

    3.Mechanism of simple vapour compression refrigeration system & their types.

    4.Representation of Vapour compression Refrigeration cycle on T- s and P-h diagrams, Use of refrigerant properties tables and P-h (Mollior) charts.

    5.Theoretical and actual cycle, performance of refrigeration cycle.

    6.Effect of change of operation conditions on the working of vapour compression refrigeration plant.

    7.Simple Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System.

    8.Definition, properties of air vapour mixtures, Psychrometric terms.

    9.Psychrometric Processes-Sensible Heating, Sensible Cooling, Humidification, dehumidification and Mixing of Air.

    10.Human comfort &Air conditioning systems.

    11.Basic concepts of heat transfer & modes of heat transfer.

    12.Components of cooling load, heat gain due to ventilation & infiltration.

    13.Cooling load estimation of air conditioning system.

    14.Applications of Refrigeration and air conditioning.      


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